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Welcome to our showcase site where we seek to surprise, inspire, and entice you into the amazing world of exotic herbs, spices and foods from the four corners of the earth. You can find our exotic food store in London Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

Our shelves are stocked with ingredients from around the world, including herbs and spices, rice, noodles as well as tinned, dried and fresh fruit and vegetables. We specialise in Asian and Oriental groceries, but have many other ranges such as Polish, Afro-Caribbean, and Sri-Lankan Foods.

Business owner Kobir Hussain also runs Orchid Food of Asia, in London Road, Westcliff.

Mr Hussain lives in Leigh and explained his vision: “I always have high expectations and know that people love cooking. Some are choosing to cook at home more often and are getting braver with their choices and are ready to experiment with richer flavours and spices. Our shop gives them the chance to find and cook lots of different dishes.”

We offer inspiration and recipes through our social media channels so there is always something new to discover. Come in and visit us soon and keep returning for special offers and events.